You Get What You Need

I started out this year wanting to be all organized…even made a spreadsheet to do it.  I admire people who can set out a plan and then stick to it. I am NOT one of these people. I am one of the people who plan and plan and re-plan and then either nothing happens, either because I am satisfied in just having planned, or I get too far behind schedule and the plan is abandoned…for a new plan…and the cycle continues.

I had outlined 4 subject to blog on for January, so happy that I could come up with 4 somewhat related, if not resolution based (it is a new year) subject matters.  Well, week one went by and I couldn’t decide how I wanted the blog to look this year – it really needs a pick me up.  But there are so many choices I was stymied. This delayed my progress considerably.


Janet in Rome

Next our family was to experience the passing of one of its best, Janet. This, quite rightly so, took a bit of time out of my scheduled events. However, I sense the need to write and get things out of my head…lest they whirl about in there and keep me dizzy. So I will begin with what should have been my post on the 18th.  They day we said goodbye to Janet.

You Get What You Need (a la The Rolling Stones)

I’m not going to rail against “needs” verses “wants”…I mean, I was, but not now.  Now I just want to talk about getting what you need out of life…and what I think that looks like.  Now, “life” is a variable that no one has a grip on, timewise. Only God knows that. We may live a very short life, or a very long life..and I guess the length of the life doesn’t really matter for the purposes of this post.

To get what you need, you have to first define what you need.  Now some of this is done for us automatically, we need air to breathe and God, thankfully, has provided that. 🙂  I guess I am speaking more on the level of emotional need, the ephemeral and occasionally quixotic needs of the soul.  And make no mistake, these needs are needs (I know I said I wouldn’t rail).

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