Updates to the Animal page

I have updated two pictures on our animal pages….Max and Fiona.  Max came to me when I needed some calm in my life….so far he has accomplished his purpose in my life.  Fiona, on the other hand, was thrust into my life without my consent.  She is a sweet dog, but HIGHLY active and not very well trained by her owner, Kelly.

I had planned to take this past summer to train her, however I started a new job and psst! there went my free time.  I have however, managed to teach her to sit.  Not for long, mind you, but she will sit on my command.

I say “my” command, because I tend to be the least of the hyper people in my family who are intent on repeating a “request” over and over and over as if a light bulb will go off in the poor dog’s head “OH!…..you mean sit!….”

“Sit?…Fiona, sit? Sit? Sit? Fiona? Sit..Sit?…Fiona, sit? Sit? Sit? Fiona? Sit?”  …….seriously……

My dog training tactics differ somewhat from the rest of my family.

We’re off to see Christina – I will have pics when I return!

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