Update: FLEAS

We took Fiona to the vet yesterday, she was miserable looking, she had scratched herself raw around her eyes, and under her arms and around her neck.

Flea Life Cycle

Diagnosis? Allergies, to fleas, food and pollen. After a cortisone shot she was feeling much better. I have procured enough Capstar to treat each of the animals, Sevin to treat the yard and environmentally safe spray for the house...Operation FLEA Termination starts at 0800 Saturday..watch out fleas…I am coming for you and I am armed for …well, fleas, ‘cuz being armed for bear would just be silly.

We are going to be in this battle for possibly 18 months as that is how long I was told that it might take. We’ll all have to be on our toes.  The cats are getting some other form of flea battlement; topical.

Max update: He spends most of his days lying near the kitchen, he gets up to eat, then drinks water out of my glass and then about 30 minutes later hacks up the food and a hairball, goes to eat a bit more and then lies down again where he proceeds to sleep looking dead.  I asked the vet, he said 17 years was a pretty old age for cats and that I am probably right, he’s not long for this world.  It happens, and Grace has expressed her desire that when it happens, she hopes to be at school….me too…he’s a good cat.

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