Two Weeks and Counting

Okay so basically everyone around this house and Christina (in Austin) has about 2 weeks left of summer. Grace will find out which 4th grade teacher she will have. Christina will start her second year at Austin Community College (am I really that old???) and Kelly will be off to Clarendon to start her first year.

Andy will soon be getting a new job, could be here, could be Afghanistan….who knows?  The animals will be home alone and this house will be silent except for their pointless barking at the passers-by of our house during the day.

I have settled into my new job that is on the 16th floor of the Campbell Center in Dallas. (Quite a drive home – not too bad going in…that I have not figured out yet…)

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1 Response

  1. Mitchell says:

    I always wondered myself why the commute going in was not bad, but was a real trial on the way home
    Odd how that works out…

    Glad to hear all are well, and getting ready for school. I bet the girls are exicited.

    Best to all…