This may seem like a sharp detour from my previous post, but I think I am getting landscape edging today…some stonework done by a nice fellow named Oscar who speaks Spanish and not much English.

About 2 years ago, Andy decided to rip out all of the landscaping from our front yard.  He had a reason, I am not sure what it was and I wasn’t for the idea, but it was done before any real discussion took place, so I am dealing with the cards dealt to me.  Enter time…..did I mention this all took place 2 years ago? You can tell how often Google Maps updates your house photo, go rip out yoru landscaping and see how long it takes before the photo changes…this is what our house used to look like:

To get an idea of what it looks like now, remove my purple plum trees (Andy is using the wood for smoking various things, like ribs and chicken) and all of the bushes are gone.   The big tree remains and we are moving the landscape line to encircle the big tree.  Other than that, I am not really sure what kind of plants are going back into the landscape.

Anyway, we have not had any landscaping for so long for one simple reason, money.  We still don’t have money, but I am to tired of being depressed every time I come in the front door.  God created wonderful foliage for my mental health and I need it (them) back.

So I called Oscar, just to get an estimate, and he came right out.  He doesn’t’ speak English well, but I have of an issue communicating with him because of my cell phone that I can’t understand English speaking people on…so I think, after we each repeated the word, “today” a few times, that he is starting today.

I will keep you posted.

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2 Responses

  1. Christine says:
    I also heard there’s an App that translates–you can talk into phone & it translates…