Time and time again.

Okay, so if I have so much time, where did it all go?

This is the heralding cry for all procrastinators.

But I am not talking about procrastination, I will do that later. This post is about the repetitive patterns that we, as humans, being human, live time and time again.  We know that certain behaviors are not good. So why repeat them? Are we so out of tune with ourselves that we:

  1. don’t see that the behavior is bad?
  2. see that it is bad, but don’t know what else to do?
  3. are comfortable with the “bad” part more than we are comfortable with trying something different?
  4. all of the above
I’m not expert, but I am gonna go with Answer 4: all of the above.
For the most part (which leaves room for all of the exceptional people out there reading this) we are too comfortable to remove ourselves from what is familiar.

Luke and Yoda on Degobah


It is scary stuff to wander into the unknown, the reliability of the known far outweighs the scariness of stepping away from situations or people that are predictable in their responses to our familiarly humanity.

I am hearkened to a memory of Luke Skywalker training with Yoda on Degobah and coming to the mouth of a cave where he was going to face certain danger. Yoda tells him (in my words)
“Hey, try something new. Try NOT using your weapons when you encounter this particular danger. It will  be scary, but you can do it!”
But Luke, comforted by using his weapon (his familiar response) takes it and comes to see in a quite literal “in your face” kind of way, that if he did not learn to give up the familiar for the good, then he will never learn.
Yes, I am a geek.  So I am off to learn new and good responses. Have a blessed day!

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