The Secret Transcript

It is kind of like the Secret Garden….I went to get my transcript from the University of North Texas (blast from the past!) and they gave it to me in a sealed envelope….I suppose so I cannot alter the grades….like I would, it was 20+ years ago!  But now I have this insatiable curiosity, I want to peel open the sticker, which if it was THAT easy…really!  But it is NOT that easy, to make it SUPER SECRET, the gentleman GLUED the envelope shut, then put a sticker over the flap and THEN stamped it with the all impressive “Registrar” stamp. BLAST!

I am still waiting for either Collin College to find my TSTC transcript or for an “unofficial” transcript to be delivered in the mail.  I am assuming since it is labelled “unofficial” that I will be able, in fact, to open it and see what my grades were.  C’mon, people, unless you have a 3.5 or better you NEVER remember your scores….unless of course, they were so substantially LOW that is was memorable 😀

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