The Real Cost of Fashion

I have just started watching this new series on BBCtv called “Blood, Sweat & T-Shirts”. The concept of the show is that some British youth, all of whom claim they would like to learn more about the under workings of the fashion industry, go to third world countries that manufacture the majority of the non-third world countries’ off the rack clothing.  They start in the top of the line factories in India, where the highest paid manager makes just under $2.00/day.

The earnest to learn youth are trained to work on the sewing line (the top, non-management position) and then are assigned positions after either passing or failing the sewing test.  After much eschewing the culture and insulting their Indian hosts’ hospitality, they whine and moan about working conditions in the factory, until they go to work in one of the lower echelon “factories” where some workers don’t even have homes and sleep beneath their sewing machines.

I think this is a series worth watching if for nothing else in that I watched with Grace, who turns 9 tomorrow and in sharp contrast to this show, we watched a popular Disney show with the ditzy heiress who claims to buy clothes and throw them away after wearing them one time, because “Duh, it would be mean to give them to homeless people because they do not have shoes to match!”

Dear God  –  help me to be more humble.

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