The Importance of Being or the Unbearable Lightness of Earnest :D

I really thought I had something with that title…then I looked up both tomes. Nah!

But I got your attention, thought I was going to be profound? Maybe…I never know when a profound moment will sneak upon me and pounce like a cat playing jungle through the plant in the corner.  I am watching Grace explore the farthest reaches of the laundry room.  She is looking for snake hunting tools.  Apparently she and a friend have decided that they are going to the pond on Saturday as Grace says, “with adult supervision” to look to see if there really is a black snake there.  She has decided that clothes pins and a rope will be useful in laying a path for backtracking out of the high grass and trees.  Of course, they will have to attempt this while dodging golf balls from the course adjacent to the pond.

Ah the imagination of those yet to be coerced into conformity that is our society.  The tenacity of youthful mind to cling to the premises of the story!  I miss that in adults.

Later! 😀

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