Summertime….and the livin’ is…hey! What happened to the AC???


Ok – what is the deal?? We have another leak in our air conditioner, this drips on the cooling coil and freezes to a solid block of ice.  Which somehow makes the air conditioner NOT cool.  I get lost in how that works exactly, but that is what happened this weekend.

Saturday night, I spent the evening with my feet in a bowl of icewater in a vain attempt to cool myself down.  My feet were frozen, but my core temperature remained above average.

The AC guy was called out on Sunday when the heat became intolerable and the elephant in the room was screaming, “Hey! Hey!  Hey!  Hey!  Hey!  Is it hot in here or is it just me?!”  (or was that me? )

Anyway, after taking an ice cold bath only to be met with the smell of the heater being turned on to “melt” the ice around the coil….something in me said “GET OUT”, so I did.  I went to a nice cold grocery store and wandered in and out of the produce and meat sections and down towards frozen foods. Ah bliss…..but it couldn’t last forever….the saga continues later…

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2 Responses

  1. Aunt Sue says:

    Oh, just hearing about the heat on with the conditioner off, made me feel for all of you. It is 94 degrees here also, but at least I live with air conditioner. It was beautiful weather in England…all sunshine and perfect except for rain for 2 days.

    What is cold play? It looks like a play. I ran it off to look closer.

    Did Andy’s old job run out? What will he be doing now?

    Not over jet lag yet but going to Mt. Airy think Mayberry, with the seniors at church via bus. They only charge $20.00 for lunnch out, so a reasonable trip.

    Hope your conditioner got fixed.

    Aunt Sue

    • thegoldengrace says:

      ColdPlay is a rock band -Andy and Grace went to see them;

      His job was running out and they cut it short and then they gave him another month…I feel like a yo-yo. 😀

      Amy Tuggey