It is funny, I read a post by Paul Overton the other day, that has gotten me through some holiday stress.  Basically, he said there are 2 options, you can sit and enjoy the garden or you can sweep the garden.  He then goes on to describe exactly how NOT to sweep, running from room to room to accomplish the task, sweeping here and there hoping to meet somewhere in the middle.

Paul has obviously never been to my house. 😀

When you live with A.D.D. it gets to be a bit like running from room to room, attempting to sweep and have it all end up in one nice pile.  Still, this little exercise of being either the observer or the sweeper has really helped me.

Unfortunately for my husband, I have practiced more observing  than sweeping.

Andy is is a tizzy to get all our donations out of the house along with any extraneous items in an effort to streamline sweeping the garden.  I applaud this effort except that he’s decided to accomplish this all in the 2 days before then end of the year for tax purposes.  Maybe I should join in the fray, but I’ve got work to do, and as I suffer from stress anyway, I can generate enough of it myself without fraying my nerves by jumping into his white tornado 😀

I am choosing to enjoy the garden…

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