I awoke to the high pitched enthusiasm of my 8 year old, Grace shouting “Mom! it’s snowing!”  And in fact, it was.  Giant snowflakes silently but furiously drifting down to the ground, determined to pile up.   I remember being her age and thinking, if only the snow will last until after school.  But it hardly ever does.  The ephemeral nature of snow in Texas is part of the angst of childhood and the magic of Christmases gone by for those of us who have lived here long enough to see the snow some and then go just as quickly as it arrived.

Still, it has put me more in the spirit of the season than any of the rotten, singing, stomping, in your face advertising on television.  Thanks snow, I needed that!

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  1. embracechaos says:

    Snow is somewhat of a tinselectomy. 🙂