“Amy is is skilled technical writer who was a pleasure to work with. She is very personable and communicates well and is very professional in her work ethic.”

Cameron Fuller, Consultant, Daugherty Systems

“Amy is a creative, detail-oriented person who combines work focus, a good-natured temperament, and personal dependability.”

Paul Basden, Senior Pastor, Preston Trail Community Church

“Amy was great to work with. She had tremendous skill in organizing large sets of complex data and keeping project moving forward. She was very good at developing technology solutions. Her skills with handling clients (some very difficult) were superb. Overall, Amy has a broad base of skills, was a hard worker and would be a stellar addition to any team.”

Anjolie Green, Sales and Marketing Director, Plonka Interactive

“Amy is very intelligent and hard working. She excelled at all projects assigned to her. She was also a pleasure to work with.”

Rockett Crawford, Web Development Software Contractor, Plonka Interactive

“Amy helped build my website and and trained me in its use. As a non-technical client who had been damaged in the past, I was a handful to teach. Amy’s patience, expert communication skills and good humor set everything right and on a good path. It is rare to meet someone who is both a technical expert and so personable. I hope I get to work with Amy again.” Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Expert.

Andy Birol, Birol Growth Consulting

“Amy is truly a detail-oriented person who is dedicated to delivering the product. Her administrative skills are not simply in the technical: she possesses an ability to merge technical and people skills together to achieve win-win scenarios for both the company and the client. This is something that she performs rather well at. I found Amy to be fearless, which was a great asset. When I say fearless, I really mean it. I’ve not seen that quality in many office workers over the years. With Amy, it didn’t matter so much if she didn’t understand whether a particular instance of a C# class could be overridden w/ a new method, or if a stored procedure was corrupt: within minutes she would be in the code, seeking to understand it, make it better, and move on. If she couldn’t take care of the situation, she would find someone who could. What more can you ask for, from a dedicated employee?”

Rory Young, Lead Internet and Database Developer, Plonka Interactive