Preparation 90% Perspiration 10% = 100% Job Well Done

Well, unless you are in Texas, where perspiration = 1000%

Okay, so maybe I didn’t pick the best week to start working out (which I haven’t actually started yet).  But then again, when IS a good week to start pushing yourself physically and mentally like you never have done consistently throughout your entire life? ;D

I need a sharp reversal of direction that my physical being has been taking so, look out, it won’t be pretty at first…but I will get there!

I am going for healthy, not super flat abs, although I won’t say no to those 😉 but I am going for better blood pressure because of less weight, a reduction in the badonkadonk factor my butt currently possesses <smiles sweetly>….and the satisfaction of knowing that I am doing something good for myself.

So, starting Thursday, ’cause GPJim won’t be back until Wednesday…I will be at the gym….

And after that, I am going to go over the grocery budget to make sure I am on track!  I am feeling accomplished already!


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