Plundering Through Rings of Fire

I am convinced that half of the higher education experience can be summed up in one word, bureaucracy.   Stand in line, sit in this waiting area, fill out this form, request this transcript, etc. It is almost as bad as working with insurance companies on medical claims….ick.
As I sat as waited, patiently I might add, I listened to the self-proclaimed efficiency experts who demanded to be treated as “human beings” and constantly got up to “tell on” the women working in the admissions office.
“Those women are just chatting about their personal lives and not paying attention to us!”
“They will get into trouble for that.”
“How many breaks do they get an hour??”
I wonder if the complainers had people sitting at their jobs, whispering about their job performance so loud it could be heard on the other side of the room, would they remain as composed as these women working admission were?

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1 Response

  1. Mitchell says:

    Some days ya just want a pine 2×4 and the freedom to swing it!