I was talking to a friend of mine about passion the other day.  Not sexual passion but having a passion in life, and in having it, expressing it in your everyday life.  This got me to thinking, what am I passionate about?  I was once asked on a job interview if I was passionate about the internet.  While the question was posed tongue-in-cheek, I had answered “yes”…and I guess I am pretty passionate about the internet, but it is not the passion that drives my everyday existence.

As a Christian, my passion is for God.  But in an everyday setting, how is that passion expressed by me?  How do I bring that passion into my life’s endeavors?

A lot of people tell me I am funny…although I have heard my fair share of crickets chirping after a punch line and a rim shot, but for the most part, I would agree.  I prefer to take a humorous approach to life…or rather an emotional stab at it, but either way, you can usually find me laughing or crying or laughing AND crying…(it’s a crap shoot sometimes).   So as I spend some more time trying to find out what it is exactly that I am passionate about, I hope you will bear with me through the introspection and maybe even contribute in the form of comments to this blog!

Trying to look inward so as to be better at looking outward.


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