Ode to Chawhee

Although I did not know him well, a great chicken, some would say bunny-chicken, has passed. The Grand Chawee is no more.

Tragically, Chawhee met his demise in the the farmyard of his youth.  A rogue pig was usher into eternal sleep.  Although he did not get off the farm very much, Chawhee made occasional personal appearances for charity work, he loved to make the kids smile.  He would  sit and stare as the children would gingerly try to pet his head, while maintaining a healthy distance from the 7  and 6 toed claw-like feet that were quite unusual, some say, mutant-like.

Chawhee, no stranger to tragic events himself, had once lost his shed to a great thunderstorm.  He spent his time homeless and bringing joy to children while his habitat was being rebuilt. Chawhee knew the blessing of laughter, he will be missed.

Rest in peace, Grand Chawhee.

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