Moving Day

Headed to Austin today..hoping ice and snow will hold off until we return tonight.  I get to drive my very first U-Haul truck ever …so I can check that off the list!

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3 Responses

  1. Hey there trucker! Got yer ears on good buddy? LOL. I am expecting a road report….. Checking in a bit late, but hope your trip was safe.


  2. tuggeyinfrisco says:

    We made it here, but now I think I have shaken loose a few free radicals in my immune system with all this physical activity, and now have the flu.


    I did enjoy driving the truck more than I thought I would 😀

  3. Sorry to hear you are feeling puny. Lots of folks here in Florida have it. It has gone through the office a few times, but I have been fortunate and not gotten it.

    Rest up, lots of Jewish penicillin, (Chicken Soup). My presciption for recovery.