I’m baaaa….aaa.aaaaa..aaa..aack!

Ok – I haven’t posted in a while…been busy which tends to drain the ideas from my head.  But I’ve got about 15 minutes and I will try to partially catch up.

Grace gets fish (the 5 surviving are all Mickey Mouse Sunburst plattys )

2 animals, Gracie got the gift of goat from her sister, Kelly, for her birthday, meet Bella:
Gracie's Goat

Ah, but I said 2 animals, didn’t I?  😀

Christina has added to her new apartment menagerie (she currently has two koi) – she is the proud owner of Lucy, the Chihuahua/Beagle puppy (known as Chealges):


And to top off everything else off – yesterday Gracie got her ears pierced.  After much internal stress about the whole situation, the sum of her expression as they shot the earrings into her little ears was,  “Ow”…..

I need a vacation……

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