Hungry hungry hippo

I saw a post on Pinterest that called the childhood game, Hungry Hungry Hippo the original Hunger Games.  I thought that was funny.  I also heard a story about a woman who is competing the the next Olympics in archery who trained Jennifer Lawrence (Katniss) to shoot for the movie. (Read article here) Archer Khatuna Lorig, seen here during the London Archery Classic last October, helped actress Jennifer Lawrence prepare for her role as Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games.

I am struck at how this character Katniss has touched America, especially our young women, and if we’re being honest about it, some of us older chicks too. 🙂  It’s is great to finally have a “badass” and capable heroine, who is just that, a heroine, and not to knock the recent vampire series, because I liked those too, but truly the heroine in that was all shucks and clumsy and clearly NOT capable.  So, thank you, Suzanne Collins, for giving our daughters a new role model, one who is tough, but fair, resourceful and has a heart for others.

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