Homelessness Across North Texas

My friends, Jody, Lin, Elizabeth and I along with many more volunteer collectors are determined to collect 5723 coats and blankets by THANKSGIVING.  Why the odd number? That is one for every homeless person in Dallas.  There is a link to our site with all of the details on this blog (look right).

I just read a post on another site that made me stop and think.  Maybe you will too:

“How come when we see homeless dogs or cats, we all think “poor thing”, we ask our friends who can give them a home, post their photos all over facebook and in ads trying to find them a home … but when faced with homeless PEOPLE we cringe, we don’t want to talk about it, and we make judgments as to why they’re homeless before we even think about helping them find a home. Just my personal random thought of the day.”


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