Grand Chawhee makes an entrance….

The funny thing about Storm Troopers is, you would think they would be more durable than they actually are…..Kelly’s dog, you remember Fiona?  (check out the Animals tab for a pic) decided to chew on Cole’s itty bitty storm trooper action figure…by the time we got to it, it had lost it’s head and arm….needless to say, Cole was traumatized…so after a trip to Walmart to replace this well-loved trooper, Kelly, still feeling bad, decided to stick the Grand Chawhee in her car and drive it over to entertain Cole….it, being not only Chawhee, but the Grand Chawhee entertained all!

The Grand Chawhee makes a personal appearance...for Storm Troopers in Frisco
The Grand Chawhee makes a personal appearance…for Storm Troopers in Frisco

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