Girl Scout Camp (a.k.a. Lost in Palestine)

Grace is spending the week at Girl Scout Camp, near Athens/Palestine, Texas. We got to see a lot of the Palestine area Sunday when I drove her down there…Google Maps kept trying to take me to the camp director’s house instead of the campsite…we stayed in a circular pattern on county roads for about 2 hours.

I told Grace she would never forget the trip because of being lost. She wasn’t buying it. She just wanted to get there and see her friend, Coley. I don’t blame her. I had actually brought my camera to take some photos of the small towns I was driving through (on the way back) and after being lost for 2 hours, 2….I wasn’t interested anymore.

We did take this photo on our first pass. This was what all of the roads looked like.

When we finally did arrive, Grace was checked in, they check everything, temperature, lice, athlete’s foot. Once we found Coley and had her gear stowed, I was persona non grata…..I had to say “goodbye” three times before she even paid attention to me.

I am quite sure she is having a WONDERFUL time….more pictures to come 😀

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