First week summer-ization

Ok, here we are, Friday…end of the first week of summer.  Here is what I have accomplished:

  1. Joined the Rec Center and started working out again (Yay me!)
  2. Accomplished some tricky DB work for a client with help from DH.
  3. Started the elimination of STUFF from the master bedroom that has been living there since the beginning of the master closet remodel (which isn’t quite done yet, but I am hoping the purge will spur the completion of that project)

Items that need to happen:

  1. Better chore definition for Grace, instead of random chores, clearly define daily/weekly chores for the Miss.
  2. Lots of extra laundry due to the purge.
  3. Freecycle listings to come (DTP = due to purge)
  4. Getting Grace on a better sleep cycle, she has already plunged herself into the “summer” schedule of staying up late and sleeping in….
  5. Summer writing project, something for me 🙂

I could keep going with the “need to happen” list, but I am trying to to overwhelm my project load 🙂

Stay tuned, I hope to post Sunday after working at church!

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