Father’s Day – okay, not Saturday, but it is when we celebrated :D

I am uploading 200+ photos of my friends’ wedding we attended Friday…it’s gonna take a while. 😀

Okay, so I have now missed 3 Saturdays since I declared I would post each Saturday night.  So much for consistency.  Actually, I think I have been on my computer too much lately….working, not playing.  I need to find some balance.  My body tells me this when I stand up from working….ow, creak, crack, limp …..okay, the limp is from dropping frozen meat on my ankle, but still.

I have decided, only today, to embrace the summer heat and use my pool on a regular basis.  I told Grace yesterday, as I was dressed in dressy clothes and uncomfortable shoes (I maintain there is NO SUCH THING as a comfortable shoe, so they were extra cruel – heels) and headed to the grocery store at the heat of the day and the inside of my car read 144 degrees Fahrenheit, that next summer, I have decided to spend at least a week where it is cold. But for this summer, I believe I will change my attitude, not my venue, and see if I cannot make life a little more tolerable on the surface of the sun where we currently reside.

That being said.  We also have a new member in our family, her name is Lady.  She is a black and white Labrador/Healer mix and is a gentle giant, who I will be taking on regular walks….more than likely, in the mornings, WAY before it gets too hot.

Okay, so back to Father’s Day:

Father’s, enjoy your children!

Children, enjoys your father’s!

Moms….let’s head to the pool!

Amy 😀

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