Dog Days of Summer


Gah! I have had animals all of my life, but I have never had a flea problem like the one I’ve had this year.  I am not a big proponent of spreading toxic chemicals around the house, so I am looking into natural remedies for these insidious pests.

Beneficial nematodes

Why don’t we use these more often that chemicals? No immediate gratifying feeling of triumph over the pests? Thank you, I will take long term gratifying feeling of knowing the cure was as natural as the problem and I haven’t poisoned the environment in the meantime.

Non-Chemical Spray

A non-chemical spray can be made of citronella, rosemary, wormwood and peppermint oil. These herbs are toxic to fleas but safe for cats when sprayed on the fur or around the house.


SERIOUSLY??  I believe there are a few shops in the Shops At Legacy that probably sell this as a “home scent” for probably 3 times what you could spend on it for fleas….why would people choose chemical pesticides over this? Your house ends up smelling great as a SIDE EFFECT!

Fiona doesn’t live here anymore, but she is coming to stay next week while Kelly is out of town visiting her mom.  I believe Fiona has a flea allergy as her hiney has become a dark pink underneath her white fur.  We will see what can be done for “the herd” as this moves forward….

Any suggestions are gladly encouraged!

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