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Spent the day yesterday after church working on crafts with Kelly, Andy and Grace.  Andy put the feet I bought on the base of Grace’s box springs. Today or tomorrow I will be upholstering the box springs with black vinyl fabric that is made to resemble leather and hopefully if I have enough left over, I can make her a matching headboard.

Kelly and Grace have been making friendship bracelets since Grace received a kit for Christmas. I had an incredible urge to use the embroidery floss from that kit to harken back to my youth when my mother taught my sister and I to embroider and we would decorate our clothing with funky little 70’s mushrooms and flowers.  So off to the craft store. Kelly asked that I pick her up a small embroidery kit and when Grace and I got to Joann’s we found the kits to be prohibitively expensive. Just as I was about to give up, I turned the corner to see little packages that looked as if they had not changed since the 70’s that held patterns for ironing onto cloth so that you can embroider the design, plus they were priced reasonably at 1.29 and 1.99 respectively!

To top it off, they had cowgirl and peacock designs, two of Kelly’s favorites.  So I purchased those and three embroidery hoops and a bit of yarn for Grace to continue learning to crochet.  Teaching Grace to crochet is difficult for  me not only because I am not the best teacher, but she is left handed and I can try to crochet left handed to show her, but my brain cannot function to speak about it properly to explain any steps to her while I am doing it.  And you cannot just “reverse” what you do when you have been used to crocheting right handed for 30 plus years, it is a muscle memory more than anything else 🙂

But once Grace saw the cool designs that came in Kelly’s cowgirls iron transfers, she was ready to try her hand at embroidery.  We found a nice cactus image that I could teach her basic stitches on and set her up.  As long as she keeps her stitches small, she’s a natural.  The funny thing is, kids today expect everything to be immediate, including being able to finish the project that day. I had to explain that this was a project you do not want to rush through. It is a kind of exercise in patience, a meditative type of hobby; that part of the enjoyment of working on the project was to “work” on the project, not just to “finish” the project. I am not sure the concept was fully understood, but I will give it time.

I didn’t get to start a project for myself. I was too busy instructing Grace and fetching tools for Andy to get started. I did get to embroider a bit though as Grace’s fingers began to hurt from pushing the needle through the fabric and I was asked to finish up the outline of the smaller cacti in her design.

Later as Grace and I were watching Downton Abbey, (Season 2!) Elizabeth McGovern’s character was embroidering in a scene and Grace noticed it and mentioned it to me.  Cool…

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