Bigger Than Yourself

I have a friend who recently (last weekend) released her first CD, they are worship songs and she collaborated with our former worship minister. I have the CD in my car and I have to say, when I listen to these songs, I feel wrapped in God’s love. I know Laura’s heart has been touched by God and her family is under His protected and loving watch. I just wanted to say “thank-you” to her for sharing her amazing gift with the rest of us. It is such and interesting and inspirational way to share God’s love with others, strangers, family and friends.

Laura Hairston - Bigger Than Yourself

Laura Hairston - Bigger Than Yourself

I also want to mention that the artwork on her CD is due to the work another two friends of mine and they have God’s fingerprints all over their work as well. l thank you Jody and Randy.

Sometimes it is a scary world out there, sometimes it is scary in here too…and when I can take a tangible expression of God’s love for me out into the world with me, it truly makes the unbearable bearable.

Thanks to all, especially God, who had a hand in this project.

Your friend, Amy

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