Being Well Adjusted

Remember about 2 weeks ago when I fell?  Well, the fallout (pun) came in the form of a pinched nerve that radiates pain down my left arm…so it was off to the chiropractor this morning.  Now I am all cracka-lackin’ and feel much better, I will have to go back Wed and while I was at it, scheduled a massage for afterwards.  This is a big deal as being self -employed, I cannot really afford this, FINANCIALLY, but I think I need it physically and mentally….so I am doing it.

I have ordered the book Eat, Pray, Love ,as Julia Roberts has made it look so intriguing in her advertisements for the movie, I think came out Monday.  Don’t worry Jody, I bought it at at half the price of B&N.  AND, when I get done, I am taking it to Christina, who I watched watching the commercials with that look in her eye like she’d like to travel like Julia does in the movie. Ah, Christina, you think I don’t see, but I do…you have such an adventurous soul!

Ok, there are SO many areas in my life alone that need to be tweaked and adjusted…I am trying every day to work on all of them. No, that’s a lie, some days I ignore the most important  and go off and “pretend” to work on those that “matter”….so I guess it is fess up time. I am guilty, I will try to be better and ask forgiveness from all who are affected by my laziness.

I think that chiropractic adjustment I had this morning is letting a lot more blood to my brain, hey, maybe I am on to something here 😀

Keep Smiling 😀

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