I just re-read my previous post.  I want to write deep, meaningful, insightful prose….but sometimes these things go through my head:

I was in the restroom at work, where everything is automated.  The toilet flushes itself, the soap dispenses itself and the sink turns on by itself.  Today, however, once I ran my hand under the automated soap dispenser, some of the soap remained…the soap that remained on the dispenser set off the soap dispenser…which confused it and made it dispense more soap, which confused it and made it dispense more soap….wait…in other words, it kept going.

This is what my mind took away from this encounter:

Remember the movie, Logan’s Run?  Remember the young and lovely Farrah Fawcett who worked in the automated laser plastic surgery ff-logainsruncenter where you could be “upgraded”? Remember she says, “Just lie still, this won’t hurt a bit.” and then all hell broke loose once one of the lasers was put off kilter and that set off a chain reaction of “automation” that eventually laserly sliced and diced her to death?  Yeah…that kind of thing goes through my head.

I’m doing fine, why do you ask?

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