Are you using this time wisely?

For many of us, it is work as usual, we work from home and unless we experience planned rolling blackouts, we’re still expected to work.  Others, who have to travel to work, or who are involved in the school system, being a teacher or a student, have had this past week as “down time”….okay teachers…I know you work at home too, but, really, besides looking at this INCREDIBLY LONG run-on sentence, who of you have actually worked??

My point.  This weather, in some way or another, has given each of us time to pause, and use our time differently. How have you done this?  Our normal routines have shifted, if not completely changed.  Are we using this time to catch up on past due projects around the house? (If you’ve been to my house, that just means cleaning 🙂 ) Or have you used it to play outside?  Have you found your self in the position to be able to render aid to a stranded driver? Or have you ventured out yourself, becoming that stranded driver?

I’ve noticed that there has been a higher than usual amount of people logged into Facebook which is nice, being able to communicate online hopefully helps alleviate the “cabin fever” effect for most people.

Who’s kids are working on beating their high scores on X-Box, Wii, Nintendo (I forget all their letter, so you fill in the blank!)  Ok, who’s parents are working to beat their kids’ high scores???

Tell me your “I’ve been stranded for a week at home completely unplanned stories.”  i’d love to read about them!


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