All Mine to Give

I am sitting here on this snowy Christmas Eve day, watching an old movie (imagine that!) called “All Mine to Give”.  A Scottish couple emigrate to Eureka, Wisconsin in 1850 and have 6 kids and then the parents die of diphtheria and the oldest has to raise his 5 younger siblings.  I know, Merry Christmas, but it makes me stop and think how truly blessed we are to have what we do.  We have clean water, roofs over our heads, grocery stores where we can go and buy food and doctors who have medicine that will not only heal, but prevent illnesses like diphtheria.

It is appalling to me that there are still places in this world where these things are not so.  So on this Christmas Eve, when I have settled in for the night, I will thank God that I am so truly blessed, with family, friends and health.

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