Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…Friday :)

Nothing like a good Friday evening blogging by the pool.  Except, I AM looking at a lot of wild morning glories that need to be pulled to rescue my rosemary bush.  The morining glories have engulfed. it and almost half of the bench sitting next to them.

I can hear gunshots in the distance..hunters…it is some season, I don’t know which.  Quail, maybe.  I heard on the radio today that the sherrifs of McKinney and Frisco were reminding everyone of the rules of hunting within city limits….not a typo, I said WITHIN city limits.  The fact that Kelly is out giving trail rides next to all of this makes me a bit nuts.

So, nothing very profound today…quiet weekend, church, cleaning….trying to edit the video of Grace performing in Annie….and maybe some rest and pulling morning glories.




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