A Quick Trip to the Store

For those of you who know me well, you know at least 2 things about me.  I am a klutz.  Not one bit of coordination in me at all.  Frankly, I think the coordination gene and well as the cute butt jean were stripped from me during my pregnancy with Christina (my eldest) and given to her. Last night, Grace and I ventured up to 7-11 to see what they had at the RedBox Movie rental. We rented Planet 51, super cute movie, and I picked up a Slurpee for Grace, a Dr. Pepper for Andy and a bottle of wine for me.

On the way back home, Grace and I noticed a rather bright object in the sky next to the moon. We debated it’s origin and decided it was a planet because it did not sparkle like stars do. This conversation continued as I pulled into the driveway at home.  I have been rennovating the benches in the backyard by sanding them and painting a primer on the wood in preparation for the stain.

I might also mention that there is an empty metal dog crate that has been residing on our driveway for a couple of months now, as well as branches from the plum trees Andy cut down and uses when he smokes ribs, and other delicious cuts of meat. And lastly, there is the ghost of 4 Christmases ago, the trunk, bereft of its branches, of our Christmas tree, that Andy wants to do something with ….someday.  You might wonder “where did she park?”

[Lesson #1: Put your things away]

So after exiting the car and while still discussing the origin of the bright planet and the fact the Grace, who is on a photographic journey this summer, wanted to take a photo of the moon and bright light, I walk around the bench that was large enough for me to see in the dim light.

[Lesson #2: Security lights for the driveway are NOT just to chase away potential burglars]

I then stepped on the can of primer, tripped, dropped the bag of my purchases, including the bottle of wine as I struggled to twist myself into a rolling fall as to avoid breaking any bones. (I’ve done this before) Grace jumped back out of my way as I went down.  When I landed, I was quite surprised to find that I had indeed NOT landed in any broken glass but was smack dab in the middle of the primer which, as our driveway has a steep angle to it, was running down the driveway and towards my hair. Grace, upon seeing the wine and the primer begin to eminate away from my body immediately screamed “Blood! I am going to get Daddy!” and took off around the house to the front door.  I tried to stop her and let her know it wasn’t blood, but she was gone already.

I thought about lying there until they came, but was afraid we would end up like the Keystone Cops falling all over each other on the slippery primer. So i slowly got up and went in the gate, hopeing to meet them at the back door and instantly alleviate any fears.  No such luck. I was halfway to the backdoor (walking slowly for two reasons, primer on my feet and a very sore body, when Andy opens the garage door looking for me. Apparently Grace was sharing her fear of what had happened to me in a very incoherent way and Andy, for those of you who know him, doesn’t do emergency well. (For those of you who don’t know this about Andy, ask Jody about her trip to the hopital when Joe was born – it’s a scream!)

Once we connected, I wanted to check Grace out for injuries as she had been standing next to me when the glass broke and I wasn’t entirely sure I hadn’t accidentally pushed her into the dog crate as I went down.  She was still pretty ramped up emotionally and when we looked at her foot, altough superficial, the cuts on her ankle were bleeding quite a bit and she reacted as anyone would in that state and flipped out.  I still had primer on my bare feet (yes, I had been wearing flip-flops for those of you flip-flop naysayers out there, Andy) and so I walked slowly to the kitchen to get a rag with cold water to clean away the blood to closed inspect her injuries.

When I fell, I had been wearing my glasses, now they were no where…I couldn’t see well enough to inspect anything. Luckily we had just bought a magnifying light, so I retrieved it and looked at her cuts…four smallish ones that looked as though she had gotten them scraping her foot on the dog crate as she bolted for help.  We can only assume as the whole thing was quite a blur (in the dark, refer to Lesson #2).

I won’t go into any more detail other than to say, I got her settled down, limped to the shower and rid myself of the chemicals I had been lying in on the driveway.  We settled in for the evening and watched her movie…10 minutes later we where making jokes about the whole incident.  I iced one shoulder and then my other elbow….I am still pretty tender, and the bruises will show up tomorrow…but all in all, it could have been a lot worse…and we learned some good lessons.

[Lesson #3: Situations may seem bad at the time, but you usually will laugh about them later.  A gift, I think, from God]

So….forget vacations or stay-cations for me..all the excitement of white water rafting or zip-lines over canyons or para-sailing….all I need to make my summer exciting is a little “trip” to the store 😀


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4 Responses

  1. embracechaos says:

    A. Seriously laughing my butt off (you know, to keep it in shape)
    B. Still laughing
    C. The Joe be born story… always makes me laugh
    D. I’m amazed a similar story hasn’t happen inside my garage, as the lights don’t work and it’s a huge mess.
    E. Yes, still laughing…

  2. Denyse says:

    Oh my! Amy, you were right…you ARE a klutz! And funny to boot. Great combo! I’m so glad you weren’t seriously injured!

    It was great meeting you at the photo class at PTCC tonight. Can’t wait to get to know you better and pick your mind of its photography skills!

    Denyse Kritschgau

  3. Nancy says:

    Oh, my goodness! I just discovered this and was laughing so hard! (Ummm…sorry, but I was. :S) You are hilarious. I’m so glad you’re okay, of course, but dang girl you are funny!